The second and third floors of the main building (complex) is where various artworks are exhibited. Known as Onobrak Museum, it houses experimental works of Bruce Onobrakpeya, a collection of contemporary and modern works, folk art, and a permanent posters exhibition of Urhobo art titled: Where Gods and Mortals Meet, by Perkins Foss. Some of the artworks produced at the Harmattan Workshops are also displayed in the museum. Sculptural pieces are mounted all over the expansive premises.
Harmattan Workshop are an informal educational setup as a retreat where artists meet, think, work, experiment and share ideas. They are designed to help develop and sustain creative endeavors in the arts, particularly the visual arts. Right from its inception the Harmattan Workshop became very popular and started to grow beyond its original concept. It attracted participants from all over the states of Nigeria and from other countries, in particular our neighbours in West Africa – Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana.
Products of the workshop are shown in two types. The first takes place at the end of each session when selected pieces are displayed within the complex during appointed open days. The second type takes place in venues outside the centre, most times, in collaboration with institutions. In the past, The Goethe lnstitut, National Gallery of Art, French Cultural Centre, Federal and Delta State Governments and the Pan Atlantic University that exhibited us. Products of the Harmattan Workshops have not only been showcased in the Dakar international show