Service Overview

The  building  is a large one, about 30meters x 30 meters, on 3 floors which rises above the top of the surrounding oil palm trees. It was designed by the master builder and architect Demas Nwoko, a long time friend of Bruce Onobrakpeya.

Our Uniqueness.

Contained inside are several galleries and workshop spaces which form  a backdrop to the artistic activities both inside and outside.
The building is a rare jewel to behold and has had visitors, visit from the West Coast of Africa as far as Ghana.

Onobrak Museum

The second and third floors of the main building (complex) is where various artworks are exhibited. Known as Onobrak Museum, it houses experimental works of Bruce Onobrakpeya, a collection of contemporary and modern works, folk art, and a permanent posters exhibition of Urhobo art titled: Where Gods and Mortals Meet, by Perkins Foss. Some of the artworks produced at the Harmattan Workshops are also displayed in the museum. Sculptural pieces are mounted all over the expansive premises.